Bitcoin is the most widely used crypto currency in the world. Its program code is open-source, payments within the system are not controlled by any state in the world. The receiving of the currency takes place with the help of special calculations - mining, which is used by millions of people around the world.

 The advantages of Bitcoin make the crypto currency convenient for each participant of this online network:

     - decentralization. No one can destroy network bitcoins - millions of computers around the world provide stable operation;

     - absolute anonymity. You can create as many bit-addresses as you like - it's important to remember the credentials to them;

     - simplicity and efficiency of using. You can create a wallet in just a few minutes, after that you can send and receive bitcoins!

     - irrevocability and speed of transactions. No one can cancel a transaction on the Bitcoin network.Exceptions are cases when the recipient himself wants to return the bitcoins back.

  When sending payments inside the system, users sign them with special digital signatures. The miners, in turn, process these transactions, for which they receive a fee in the form of commission fees or issued crypto currency.

        The Bitcoin network began its work in 2009, and since then its popularity has been growing almost daily. Bitcoin-ATMs have already been created, and the crypto currency as a means of payment is accepted by thousands of large services to pay for goods and services on the Internet.