Our currency exchange has a simple and user friendly  interface for the convenience of each of the customer. To start working on our service you need to complete a simple registration - you only need to fill out five fields. Then log in to the account, using a unique username and password (the data is sent to e-mail) , then you can work at  GetBTC!

Depositing  your Bitcoin account

Just go to the deposit page, and follow the simple instructions. In addition, you can receive unique Bitcoin addresses for your account , just visit the address page. It should be noted, that you can receive a new address every 24 hours!

Depositing the account with fiat currency

Each of the operations of depositing the account with fiat money goes through your bank account in Crypto Capital. Opening an account allows convenient placement of funds in more than 30 different fiat currencies in the world! All accounts have their own unique IBAN number, which makes it possible to conduct other operations with the crypto currency without the need to undergo anew checks.

After opening and depositing  your account in Crypto Capital, you can "tie" your account to GetBTC in just a few clicks. Just copy your account in Crypto Capital, and a unique link for depositing  is installed!

You can easily deposit  your internal account on GetBTC , using the instructions on our deposit page.

Accepting   (registration) of applications

There are three different types of applications on our currency  exchange:

-    Order on the market (MARKET);

-    Stop order (STOP);

-    Limited order  (LIMIT).

-    Each of the application  types can be used to enter / exit the market. An explanation of the application  types for GetBTC:

-    Applications of the MARKET type are executed at the best BID price (par value, for which the buyer wishes to BUY), or the best price ASK (the price at which the seller agrees to SELL);

-    The application form is simple and absolutely universal. Before an order is placed on the market, an additional confirmation screen will be displayed - you can change or cancel the order before bidding;

-    You can cancel and edit open applications on the open applications page.