How to register for working on GetBTC?

You need to complete a simple registration to use all the GetBTC functionality. It should be noted, that before creating a new account on our currency exchange, you must have a valid account in Crypto Capital Corp (CCC). The presence of an account in the CCC will allow you to conduct fast operations of depositing / withdrawing funds from the GetBTC account in more than thirty of the world's fiat currencies.

After registering in Crypto Capital, as well as undergo  the necessary checks, you can start creating a new account on the GetBTC exchange. Registration in our service is simple and takes only a couple of minutes.

            After opening the registration form in the appropriate section of the site, you must enter information about the user. Please indicate your current e-mail address - make sure that you have permanent access to this address.

After filling all the necessary information, you  will be sent an email on your email address that contains your unique username on GetBTC and a temporary password for the first login (you must change the password immediately after the first login to the profile).

We strongly recommend using complex passwords, and also store them in a hard-to-reach location to improve the security and safety of user's personal data .

Protection of your GetBTC account

Each of the accounts registered on our currency  exchange is configured by default to check the email address for making any confidential transactions. For example, when withdrawing funds from the internal account of GetBTC or changing account settings, you need a confirmation received via email.

      However, we recommend using two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure maximum safety  for all your actions on GetBTC. You can install the authenticator at any time on the security page of your account, following simple instructions.

The GetBTC service team is constantly improving the methods of protecting the accounts of each user of our currency exchange. For our part, we guarantee the maximum security of your personal data, as well as the safety of funds on the GetBTC internal accounts. If you think that attackers are currently able to harm your account , just lock your profile on the settings page. You can unlock your account at any time.

            It is important! Employees of the GetBTC platform never ask customers to clarify / give any details of your personal account.

- Do not enter any data on suspicious pages;

- Refrain from linking the questionable pages  received by e-mail;

- Before access to your account, always check that the following link is located in your browser's address bar:

Depositing your account on the GetBTC  currency  exchange

To deposit the internal account with fiat money (regular currency), you need to open an account in Crypto Capital Corp (CCC). This platform provides fast and reliable transfer of funds to the GetBTC account .

After you have set up a CCC account  and transferred personal funds to it, you can quickly link the Crypto Capital profile from the GetBTC accounts. To do this, you need to open the "bank accounts" page, and follow simple instructions. After making the linking , you will be able to deposit your account on GetBTC at any time you need.

            Please pay special attention to the correctness of all data entered! If you enter your account number in Crypto Capital incorrectly, this might  lead to the loss of your personal funds.

To deposit  the internal account with bitcoins, you need to go to the payment page and follow the convenient instructions. It should be noted, that in our service you can get up to ten new Bitcoin addresses for your account. New addresses can be received every 24 hours.

BTC purchasing  and selling

After you have deposited  your internal account with the help of the currency / bitcoins, you can start buying and selling bitcoins on our currency  exchange

GetBTC offers two types of orders for the purchase / sale of BTC:

- Purchase order for Bitcoins (Bid). This is an application for the exchange of fiat  currency (ordinary money) for bitcoins;

- an application for the sale of bitcoins (Ask). Applications of this type are needed for exchanging bitcoins for a currency.

When submitting applications of any kind, it is necessary to enter the amount of bitcoins, and also chose the item "Fiat currency". Then you need to click on the button confirming the placement of your application - you will see detailed information about it before adding the application to the market

applications such as @MARKET will be assigned to the best BID or  ASK;

- the form of the new applications making is simple and understandable to each bidder. Before the application entry to the market, the system will offer you an additional confirmation screen, on which you can confirm or cancel the sending of the application to the market;

 you can easily edit or remove opened applications from the market - management occurs on the page of open applications.

Important: if the "buy at market price" option is chosen, the GetBTC exchange will automatically adjust the established value of your bid to the already existing price. This is done to match bids to current market prices.

Fund withdrawal from the GetBTC exchange

You may apply for bitcoin and/or fiat currency withdrawal at any time.

Bitcoin withdrawal. It’s necessary to go to the page of fund withdrawal. Here you should enter the correct bitcoin - address, to which the amount will be directed,  and indicate the total transferred amount. Depending on the authentication method, chosen by you, the withdrawal is confirmed with the help of 2FA or ordinary electronic confirmation .

         Please note that it’s necessary to indicate only valid bitcoin - addresses. You should check the address correctness before applying for a transfer. Otherwise, your BTC can be lost!

 Fiat currency withdrawal. For fiat currency depositing/ withdrawal on GetBTC it’s necessary to bind the Crypto Capital (CCC) account to your account on the GetBTC exchange.

         It’s necessary to go to the page of fund withdrawal for fiat currency withdrawal. Select your ССС-account, to which you want to withdraw the money, indicate the withdrawal amount and click on the «to withdraw the currency» . Depending on your profile settings, the fiat currency withdrawal is done with the help of 2FA authentication or by the confirmation to the email address.

         Important: before applying for withdrawal, you should make sure, that the currency of your account in CCC coincides with the currency , which you withdraw from the GetBTC account. Otherwise, the additional conversion fee can be charged.