User Agreement

The User Agreement defines the conditions for the use of the website materials and services by the user

1.General terms

1.1.This Agreement includes and hereby incorporates by reference the following

a) User account data - User data required for logging in and using the system - login, password, e-mail address and other data, specified during and after registration in the System.

b) A user - is a natural person with full legal capacity who has joined this Agreement in its own interest or acts on behalf of and in the interests of the legal entity represented by him.

c) Administration Site / Site - Internet websites hosted in the domain and its subdomains.

d) Service - a set of services provided to the User with using the Platform.

e) Agreement - this agreement with all amendments and additions.

f) Parties - Service and User.

g) Tariffs - Information on the rate of the Service commission and the cost of additional services provided by the Service, placed on the Internet and accessible via the network address

h) Chat - System function, designed for instant messaging between Users.

i) Instrument - Money and Crypto-currency, used when making Transactions.

i) Owners of Instruments - are Exchange users, who want to place a certain Instrument in the Service.

1.2.This Agreement is a public offer. By accessing the Site, the User is deemed to have acceded to this Agreement.

1.3.The Administration of the Site is entitled, at any time, to make unilateral changes to the terms of this Agreement. Such changes shall take effect within 3 (three) days after the date of the new version of the Agreement on the site. If the User disagrees with the changes made, he must refuse access to the Site, stop using the Site.

2. Obligations of the User

2.1. The User agrees to undertake no actions , which could be considered as breaking, which lead or may lead to malfunction of the Site and its services.

2.2. The usage of the Site materials without consent of copyright holders is impossible. Written consent of  copyright holders is needed for fair Site materials usage.

2.3. The User agrees that Site Administration is not responsible for and doesn’t have direct and indirect liability to the User in connection with any losses and damages, connected with any user activity on the Site.

2.4. The User shall provide information confirming identity at the request of the Service.

2.5. The User shall agree with the Privacy Policy.

3. System access, registration and Chat usage

3.1.  The Service provided the User with access to the information on the System, exchange rate , offered by other users, executed transactions and posted warrants before registration in the System.

3.2. To access the System, the User needs to register in the System and further the User will be granted access to the Personal profile in the System by the Account Data.

3.3. The User choses the password when registering in the System. The password can be modified any time after registration by the User . The User is obliged to ensure the security and the safeguarding of the password and the user account data before third parties. The User defines the rules of  preserving of specified data and conduct activities to avoid the compromise. In the case of loss or compromise of the password and/or User account data and in the case of illegal obtaining of the personal profile access by third parties , the User is obliged to inform the Service Customer Support . Before the date of such notification all actions taken through sing personal profile are deemed to be done by the User.

3.4. After deposing the account the User will have access to the Chat. With the Chat, the User is forbidden to :

3.5.1. Abuse and threaten other users, as well as site administration ( violation of this paragraph could lead to a permanent ban of the User, who breached the rule)

3.5.2. Use profanity in any manifestation in any language

3.5.3.  Express the opinion with the aim of incitement of inter-ethnic discord,  any form of violence promotion, insulting religious feelings of other users.

3.5.4. Distribute links of any form

3.5.5. Publish posts using exclusively capital letters.

3.5.6. Publish one-type information, one repeated sentence

3.5.6. Encourage to buy and sell Instruments

3.5.7. Present third party-companies’ products and services

3.5.8. Flood, spam, communicate on subjects not related to cryptocurrency and exchange.

3.5.9. Provide false or misleading information about the exchange.

3.6 The user confirms that he/she is not a citizen of USA.

4. Account

4.1.  After registration in the System the User gains access to the Account in personal profile. The User is entitled to operate account and with the help of personal profile to give orders to the System of account operation automatically.

4.2.The service specifies the information necessary for depositing the Account and withdrawal of the Instruments from the Account in the User's Personal Account.

4.3. To deposit the Account, the User needs to transfer the Instruments to the  requisites specified by the Service in the User's Personal Account. In this case, the User independently pays all fees and services related to the transfer, and also assumes the risks indicated  when transferring the incorrect requisites.

4.4. The Account is deemed to be deposited by the User at the moment of  corresponding cash amount depositing to the current account of the Service or at the moment of corresponding record reflection in the Service wallet, provided that no less than 6 (six) confirmations are received.

4.5. The Service is obliged to receive cryptocurrency from the User, hold it, registry, carry out transactions on behalf of the User and to present cryptocurrency to the User at his request.

4.6. The service keeps records on the funds deposited to the Account. At the same time, the Service does not hold User’s funds. Monetary settlements during the Account depositing, as well as during the execution of Transactions between Users, are made by third parties (payment aggregators, credit and other organizations). The Service is not responsible for the actions of such third parties.

4.7. All operations on the Account are carried out on behalf of the User. Unless otherwise provided by the Agreement or other agreements between the Parties, the Service does not accept any orders for the execution of operations on the Account of the User from third parties.

4.8. Any Instruments deposited to the Account belong to the User. The Service has the right, without the User's order, to block the Instruments deposited to the Account, or to withdraw the Instruments from the Account only in cases stipulated by the Agreement.

4.9. To withdraw the Instruments from the Account, the User must fill out the form intended for the withdrawal of the Instruments using the Personal profile. In this case, the user will receive a message on the e-mail address specified at the time of registration in the System to confirm or reject the withdrawal. In  the case of refusal of the Instruments withdrawal or the User's confirmation of such an operation, the Instruments will remain on the Account.

4.10 The Exchange Administration doesn't serve accounts of those users which are citizens of USA.

4.11 If the service administrator detects the false data specified in  paragraph 3.6, the user is obliged to close the account.

5. The rules of funds depositing

5.1. Funds depositing ( for cryptocurrency) is accomplished to the special cryptocurrency wallet, which is unique for every exchange user. The user can obtain the wallet for depositing in the «Funds depositing» section. After the funds are sent by the User to this address , the account is automatically deposited when the required number of confirmations is received depending on the type of cryptocurrency. The actual number of confirmations is dynamically displayed on the «Balances» page. After successful full funds depositing to the exchange balance, the User can generate a new address for funds depositing.

5.2. You can deposit funds using other methods of depositing to the Service wallets. You can deposit funds in the «Funds depositing» section. After sending the funds by the user to one of the chosen methods of depositing, the transfer to the balance occurs automatically.

5.3 Making a deposit to the account, the user confirms that he/she bears risks for any possible loss.

6. The rules of funds withdrawal

6.1. The user can request withdrawal of funds on the «Withdrawal» page by entering the desired requisites for withdrawal of funds in the free fields. The user's wallet receives the amount minus the transfer fee.

6.2. For withdrawal there must be an amount on the balance of the user sufficient to transfer funds and deduct the transfer commission.

6.3. The withdrawal of funds occurs automatically, starting from the moment the application is submitted by the user. Possible delays in the transfer of funds do not depend on the Exchange. In rare cases, semi-automatic withdrawal mode is possible.

6.4.In the case of complaints from payment systems (hacking or theft),  the GetBTC has the right to suspend the account and request documents for verification.

6.5. The user is fully responsible for the possible indication of an incorrect address for withdrawal and, as a consequence, possible financial losses. In such situations, there is no repeated withdrawal of funds from the Exchange side.

6.6. It takes up to 48 hours to carry out funds withdrawal from the time when the User sent a request.

7. Risks

7.1. The user guarantees that he knows the basic principles of the Crypto-currency operation, as well as the characteristics of the Crypto-currency, that affect its value. The user guarantees that he has the opportunity to make transactions with cryptocurrency, and that the User is fully capable in accordance with the personal law.

7.2. The User understands that the Service reflects the rate on which the Transactions are based on the Site, and that such rate is established by the Users themselves. The service does not affect the rate chosen by Users, the Service does not give recommendations for determining the rate, and does not perform the forecasting of such a rate. The user bears all economic risks connected with the choice of this or that rate.

7.3. The Service does not guarantee that the Transaction will be made and that the terms of such Transaction will be beneficial to the User.

7.4. The User understands that the Service is not related to the performance of transactions and / or transactions with Crypto-currency, therefore the Service makes no guarantees concerning the terms and / or the ability to perform transactions and / or transactions with the Crypto-currencies required to complete Transactions.

7.5. The User understands that any operation with the Crypto-currency are irreversible and that the refund received in the Transaction is possible only on the basis of an additional agreement with another User.

8. Work with Instruments

8.1. This clause governs the relationship between the Exchange Administration and Owners of Instruments.

8.2. Owners of Instruments shall bear full responsibility for losses that the Service may incur as a result of Instruments placement.

8.3. Owners of Instruments shall facilitate introduction of Instruments to the Service.

8.4. Owners of Instruments shall bear full responsibility for losses incurred by the Service as a result of introduction or removal of Instruments.

8.5. The Exchange Administration shall guarantee full assistance in the introduction of Instruments to the Service.

8.6. After Instrument introduction to the Service the Owner of Instruments shall cover all losses incurred in the course of operation of this Instrument.

The User confirms that he is acquainted with all the paragraphs of this Agreement and certainly accepts them.