1) What is a trading robot?

-Trading robot is a certain algorithm of actions in conjunction with a particular strategy.

Literally: this is the mechanism that buys for you when cheap and sells when expensive.

It is very important to understand that this is not a tool for the rapid purchase of bitcoins.

There is still much progress to be made to the button "Money" .

This is a certain mechanism and algorithm that has highly proven itself.

In our case, the strategy is called Martingale or is more commonly known as Doubling.

The amount of your bid for the bidding is divided into portions of $ 60 and each bid is adjusted in accordance with the martingale rule.

 At the top you will see the smallest bids. The largest bids will be at the bottom.

The bid price is subject to the Fibonacci levels.

Why is it so?

Levels of support and resistance, which has been repeatedly proven and used by most traders in the world,

just at different Fibonacci levels.

As for the martingale strategy, it's quite simple: this is the most reliable strategy in the markets with high volatility, for the sake of the frequency of transactions (the robot does not perform highly risky scalping).

This strategy works even in those places where somebody wants to get money from you :  casino.

Especially on the market where there are only market relations + full decentralization, this algorithm is even excessive in matters of insurance risks.

However, this is done to protect you from possible losses.

The bot really makes from 2 to 15 percent per month, of course it depends on the amount of funds that you want to give the bot-trader.

Synthetic tests with various market behaviors on amounts ranging from $ 30 to $ 5,000 show it.

We carried out market simulations within 14 days and tried about one and a half million possible options for market behavior.

The tests were conducted both on a real bitcoin and altcoin graph, and randomly taking into account PAMP with growth and failure trends.

The bot will automatically re-submit the bids if the price at the stage of entering the transaction (purchasing bitcoin) will go high up.

The main instructions for novice traders:

1) Do not enter the market when the price has gone all the way up / down, wait two days, the price will return to the average level (out of the overbought / oversold zone)

The bot is designed to work in a price fluctuation within 20% per week.

2) Do not forcibly close bots if the price has gone completely down. Bitcoin is very unpredictable. He will return his price sooner or later.

If there is a great desire to close the transaction and exit the market, only in this case it is necessary to press the button «stop trading forcibly»

Now more information about the functional.

2) What is the "Percentage of earnings" and how much to set in order to earn consistently.

-The percentage of earnings is how much you want to earn for the complete trading cycle of the robot (when all bids are bought and sold)

The recommended percentage of earnings is from 2% to 10%. The more you put the percentage, the higher should be the fluctuation of the bitcoin price.

Otherwise, your applications will be executed for a long time.

The recommended amount for trading is $ 600.

This is an amount that is sufficiently able to cover the risks associated with the deep prices movement both up and down.

3) And if I set a lot, will I go «into the red»?

-No. Nothing will happen.

The more you set the greater the number of orders will be created within  a half the percent of the desired earnings + 0.2%

The large amount of applications will be.

4) And if I set a little percents, will I earn something?

-Of course. The work cycle of the robot becomes shorter. It is important to observe the balance of how much you want to earn.

It is not necessary to set high percentages as well as it is not necessary to make them very low

The recommended percentage of earnings is from 2% to 10%.

5)The bot is working, can I exit the exchange?

-Yes. Bot does not need your presence in your account. He does everything himself.

6) Is there a risk of losing all the money?

-There are no such risks. The fact is that the robot buys Bitcoin and then puts it up for sale at a certain price.

In the most dramatic case, you will remain on the balance of bitcoin.

The bot will not close the transaction into a minus to you. A trade warrant is hanging until it is executed with profit for you.

7) Live users can close accounts and go out, because the bots will trade now? Who is in priority?

-Robot only creates claims. Helps the user to do this.

Real users can also use their bidding strategies.

The robot is designed in such a way that users can quickly and without special risks for their means start earning in the bitcoin market.

8) Has the bot only been set to purchase initially? I can deposit only  fiats.

-Yes. The bot starts its trading cycle with the fact that it buys bitcoin.

To trade with the help of robot, you need to have a balance on the balance sheet.

9) What percentage of earnings can be set?

-Recommended percentage of earnings is from 2% to 10%.

Further details are here