In the case where your mobile phone is lost, or for some reason, access to the number specified in the account is not possible, you need to restart 2FA in your profile. Depending on the chosen authentication method, this process is different:

- For Authy. Go to the special reset page. After filling in all the fields required for resetting the information, you will receive detailed instructions to your email address (the email you specified when installing the application on your smartphone);

- For Google Authenticator. Here it is necessary to remember the secret code that you used to configure authentication. You need to enter the application, and add the account by entering your secret code;

- For SMS-confirmation. The procedure is similar to resetting 2FA using Authy - you can continue the process on the reset page.

    2FA Authentication using reliably protects your account on GetBTC from any attempt of hacking or unauthorized access to personal funds. If you use Google Authenticator, we recommend you to store the secret code in a safe place - without it, you can not reset the 2FA without it.