A unique approach to every transaction.

GetBTC provides absolute security and confidentiality for each of the ongoing transactions. Providing the best level of opportunities in the Russian-speaking Bitcoin market, we steadily follow the basic principles of our stock exchange's business strategy:

Open source

GetBTC is created, developed and supported by the team of professionals in the IT industry. Our platform is fully open source, and the main purpose of the exchange is the introduction of a fundamentally new standard for servicing English-speaking customers.

We are ready to conduct any number of simultaneous transactions on the GetBTC - there is a constant analysis of the source code of the resource for the presence of shortcomings and bugs.

Remote Escrow Accounts

Our service closely cooperates with Crypto Capital Corp. - a banking platform, which was created specifically to service operations with crypto-currencies around the world. This means the complete absence of any counteragent risks, since all fiat funds (that is, the usual money of states from around the world) are stored in special accounts on behalf of the customer.

For our customers, this is a guarantee of the absence of risks in the transfer of their own funds for exchange. In addition, we do not store any personal data of customers in our databases - working with us, you can be sure of 100% confidentiality of each of your transactions.


Own security service

In the staff of the GetBTC team are proven specialists in the field of IT-technologies, professionals in the field of finance, as well as experts in the field of cybersecurity. We work daily on upgrading our platform, providing reliable protection against all kinds of cyberattacks and fraudulent activities. The safety of customer operations is above all!

Bitcoin secure storage

Our standards of BTC safety and storage at times exceed the "average value for the industry" - no Satoshi will fall into the wallets of intruders.

         Regular monitoring of the efficiency of the exchange

As you know, software products can not be fully protected without the constant participation of a person. That is why we control all suspicious activity, and most importantly we carry out decisive measures regarding any facts of fraud on our exchange.


Complete security of your account

By default, each of the new accounts is configured to receive confirmation by email for any confidential transactions: withdrawal from the internal account of the exchange, changing account settings and other similar activities.

In addition, we recommend to use two-factor authentication with mobile confirmation (2FA) for additional protection against intruders. You can enable the 2FA function right in your personal account.

To reset the function in case of losing access to the mobile number, follow the instructions on resetting two-factor authentication on our website.


Hunters for cybercrime and bugs

We are waiting for your applications! Help us to secure the work with the exchange - and we will thank you generously!

Reports , containing information about the vulnerabilities can be sent to the e-mail of our service. Each of the received reports will be reviewed by the GetBTC team, and the rewards for the found bugs start from 0.01 BTC.